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Our caregivers are specialists in treating children and understanding their unique requirements. They recognize that a child’s illness or injury, no matter how severe or minor, has an impact on the entire family. Our physicians are paediatric experts in various fields, from paediatric emergency care to primary care. We also offer hospital services from doctors who are exclusively focused on caring for children throughout their hospital stay and communicating with their primary care physician.

The Paediatric Department offers a wide range of health-related services to children of all ages, including preventative services, anticipatory guidance, well-being assessments, and sickness treatment ranging from minor to complex conditions (fetus, newborn, infant, toddler, pre-school, school age and adolescent). All deliveries are performed in the presence of a neonatologist, ensuring that no child would be born in pain.

Our Baby Care includes growth and development, screening and early identification of health concerns, preventative services, anticipatory guidance, nutritional assistance, health education, and behavioural training.

We also offer customized vaccination packages.


Dr. Pramod Patil