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Speciality Consultants Name Day Time
Intensivist and Physician Dr. Prafulla Samant Tuesday to Sunday 9AM-1PM & 4PM-7PM
Physiotherapist Mr. Pramod Pathare Tuesday to Saturday 5AM-7PM
Counseling and Psychologist Mrs. Sneha Sadvilkar Tuesday 10AM-12PM
Orthopedics Dr. Milind Gokhale Wednesday 10AM-1PM
Gynecologist Dr. Vaibhav Jadhav Wednesday 4PM-7PM
Pediatrician Dr. Swapnit Dabholkar Wednesday 4PM-7PM
Orthopedics Dr. Abhuy Mohite Thursday 4PM-7PM
Surgeon Dr. Satish Desai Thursday 4PM-7PM
Dentist Dr. Shekhar Mehendale Friday 3PM-7PM
Radiologist Dr. Farzan Deshmukh Friday 2PM-6PM
Gynecologist Dr. Vaibhav Jadhav Saturday 4PM-7PM
Ophthalmologist Dr. Anup Sadafale Sunday 4PM-7PM
ENT Dr. Madhuri Sutar Sunday 10AM-1PM
Pedintrician Dr. Santosh Nigdi Sunday 10AM-1PM